» August 11, 2023

Does the Cost of Landscaping Pay Off? Why You Should Hire a Professional Landscape Company

An aerial photo of a backyard that has been completely landscaped with a patio surrounded by gardens

From a simple front entrance to a complete backyard retreat, making the financial and time commitment to transform your outdoor space can seem daunting. Will it be worth the work and costs when complete? When partnering with a trusted landscape professional, the answer should always be yes, but how exactly does undertaking a landscape project pay off?

Experience & Expertise

Choosing a reputable landscape company gives you the peace of mind that the work will be completed correctly and safely. With years of experience, qualified staff, and the right tools and equipment for the job, a landscaper has the resources to efficiently get the job done. Competent landscape professionals always keep up-to-date with plant knowledge, industry best practices, innovative techniques, and new products to improve the functionality and structural longevity of the projects we create. A credible landscape company will handle ordering and interpreting locates for excavation, elevation changes between the existing and proposed grades, redirection for rainwater and snowmelt, safety measures, organizing additional trades, and meeting building codes for structures.

A photo of a Greenway Landscaping employee carefully touching up mortar between coping stones of a wall


Taking on a project should make your landscaping dreams come true, not create future nightmares. When vetting companies, consider asking about insurance and warranties for installation. A landscape company should be able to help you through the process of claiming manufacturer warranties, which can range from a couple years to lifetime for the products used in your project. Even better if the company offers a warranty for their installation and performs repairs for any deficiencies. A reputable landscape company will be insured, and take into account the well being of their staff and clients during construction.

A photo of a Greenway Landscaping employee placing a wall block while another employee holds a level

Personalized, Site-Specific Solutions

If you’re considering a landscaping project but you’re not certain how to make the space fit your needs, a landscape company can help. By reviewing the site constraints, opportunities, and your wish list, we can offer insight and options to make the project uniquely meet your goals. Even if you already know exactly what you want out of a space, down to the placement of your patio furniture, a landscape professional can still prove a valuable resource. We’re able to confirm there are no issues with site drainage, underground services, or machine access and permits. We can problem solve design and conflicts to keep your project on track and maintain your vision for the final space.

A photo of a skid steer carrying an armour stone at a landscape construction site

Increased Living Space

When you hire a reputable landscape professional to create an outdoor space that meets all your needs, it becomes an extension of your home. This is an area to welcome guests as they arrive for a holiday supper, a place to enjoy your morning coffee with the birdsong, the perfect spot for a backyard BBQ (and maybe some beers) after a long work week, a marshmallow roasting fire pit that keeps friends and family warm as the sun sets after a birthday pool party. However you like to spend your time outside, we can make it happen.

Increased Property Value

Just like an interior renovation, a landscape renovation updates your home and increases the value of your property for any potential future buyer. Not just the intrinsic value is affected, your home becomes more inherently attractive. Similar to purchasing a home with a finished basement, all the hard work has already been done and they are better able to picture themselves living in and enjoying the space. The curb appeal and character of a home shine through with front yard landscaping, and the entertainment possibilities increase with a thoughtfully landscaped backyard.

Whether you’re hoping to update your front entrance, or completely transform your backyard, for the best results and service, you should consider reaching out to a professional landscape company. The reduced stress, peace of mind, and value are well worth the investment, and you can rest assured that your new outdoor space will be enjoyed for years to come.

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