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Services Provided by the Greenway Landscaping Team





Why We’re the Best for Interlocking Stone & Stone Retaining Walls

With extensive experience from large driveways to tiny patios and pathways, we do it all. Working alongside the home-/business-owner we create designs that are practical, functional and beautiful. We can also work off engineered drawings or landscape plans if you’ve already hired or consulted a landscape architect.


If you want engineered stone, we work with high-quality, well-known interlocking stone manufactures such as Unilock, Permacon, Navascape, Triple H and Techo-Bloc for your interlocking pavers and/or engineered wall systems.


Should you prefer the look and feel of natural stone, we also have extensive experience in laying armour stone, flagstone, ledgerock, drywall stone, and natural stone steps.

Using High Performance Bedding (HPB), Stonedust and ¾” gravel for our stone base and backfill material, you can be assured of a quality job that won’t shift or buckle. Moreover, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got a 2-year warranty against any major defects or settling that may occur.




We Provide Superior Lawn Care – Here’s Why


Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn Aerating & Rolling

Aerating is one of the best things you can do for your lawn. It reduces compaction of the root zone, allows increased oxygen, nutrient and moisture access to the root zone, and over time can help level out your lawn as cores break down and settle in the low spots. Rolling can also be performed immediately after aerating for minor imperfections. We suggest aerating twice a season in both spring and fall, with springtime being the most important.


Overseeding in the spring and fall is a great way to thicken your lawn and help prevent weeds for making their way into any weak or bare spots.

Lawn Sodding

Lawn Seeding




Irrigation – Set Your Sprinklers to Auto-Pilot

After meeting with you to determine your irrigation needs and goals (turf, gardens, hanging baskets or any combination of these), we measure the property, determine the best location for your timer, design the perfect system to ensure thorough water coverage.

Irrigation Service & Repair

Specializing in Hunter and Rainbird manufactured products, we offer full install, service and repair service on all systems. Additionally, we also upgrade outdated systems. We offer 5 year warranty on all in-ground components (excludes in-ground heads as they are above-ground when functioning) with our yearly service/maintenance program (start up and shutdown), which includes spring start-up and fall shut-downs (“winterization”) for our irrigation systems.



Mulch and Topsoil

Mulch is an easy way to add depth, colour and beauty to your property, yard or garden. We offer Hemlock, Shredded Pine, Pine Bark, Cedar (Red, Black and Classic) starting at $110/cubic yard (supplied and applied – slightly more for Hemlock) as well as a wide variety of topsoil (Organic Topdress mixture, Premium Garden Soil, Triple Mix Soil and Screened Topsoil).




Commercial Services

In addition to the landscaping services we provide, we also offer commercial clients snow plowing and lot salting services, which includes driveways and walkways.